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December 22, 2004

Dems pull upset in Washington state?

As the third recount in Washington state's governor race draws to a close, state Democrats are claiming an 8-vote victory for their candidate (although the official results won't be released until Wednesday afternoon). If this claim holds, the Dems will actually succeed in the tactic they attempted in Florida in 2000: Repeated recounts, introducing suddenly-discovered ballots from friendly counties as necessary, until the desired result is obtained.


Ray said...

What a surprise. Typical Dem strategy is keep counting until you're ahead, even if it means using progressively less accurate methods, like a "hand recount". I hope when Gregoire is declared the "winner", the Rossi camp doesn't turn around and say "Count the 573 rejected ballots". At least the Republicans would win the Losing with Class contest.

By the way, does anyone know what kind of ballots these are? I saw a picture that looked as if they're the optical scan type, where you fill in an oval for your candidate. Can anyone confirm?

Tim said...

I believe that the rejected ballots at the center of the controversy are absentee and provisional ballots. So far, I haven't seen any media account detail what format the miraculously-discovered King County ballots are in. In general, though, odds favor optical scan format, as evidenced by this December 8 AP article:

"Most of Washington state's counties use optical scan ballots, two use electronic touch-screen voting and 14 use punchcards."

Anonymous said...

The Washington GOP has now made this statement -

"Today, the state Supreme Court overturned the lower court decision and is allowing King County to proceed with counting previously rejected ballots. Also today, King County reported the results of their hand-count to this point. Christine Gregoire gained 59 votes in King County and now leads by 10 votes statewide.

This recount is not over! This battle is not over!

We know of hundreds of people statewide – including members of our military – whose votes for Dino Rossi were not counted. But we didn’t think existing rules allowed us to do anything about that. Now the Supreme Court has changed the rules and we will fight hard to make sure these votes are counted.

If you know of anyone whose vote for Dino Rossi was not counted or any instances of voter fraud, please contact 425-646-7202 or info@dinorossi.com immediately.

Rest assured we will continue the fight to protect Dino Rossi’s legitimate election!"

I don't know rjd, I think if the GOP should go for it.