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December 29, 2008

C-Poll: Will George W. Bush continue to haunt the nightmares of the media?

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Once Barack Obama takes office, how long until the media stop blaming George W. Bush for all that they think is wrong with the world?

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1/1/2009 UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Here are the results:

I don't know who the "Six months" answer was, but it's pretty obvious that "Immediately" was none other than our first Anonymous commenter, who is unaware of the existence of a liberal bias in the media (perhaps much in the same way that fish would be unaware of the existence of water).


Anonymous said...

The "it's-Clinton's-fault" was still going strong as late as 2005. Clinton and even Carter are still getting blame, so why should W expect to get any slack? You're 1st 4 poll options, if applied to Clinton pins 9/11 on Bush.

Tim said...

The "it's-Clinton's-fault" was still going strong as late as 2005. Clinton and even Carter are still getting blame, so why should W expect to get any slack?

I was speaking of THE MEDIA, not internet forums. Can you demonstrate that THE MEDIA were ever tarring Bill Clinton for the problems of the world? For example, have they mentioned Clinton's inaction on international terror YET?

Preemptive disclaimer: By THE MEDIA, I am of course referring to the exclusive club known as the "mainstream media", which doesn't allow outspoken conservatives into its ranks.

CBI said...

I think Anonymous is quite correct for some, while less correct for others. "[T]he media" isn't quite as monolithic as all that, so, although Bush Derangement Syndrome will never die, it will gradually fade away.

I do think there will be attempts to praise Obama for economic "reforms" which do more harm than good, with a concurrent blaming of Bush for problems. This points to a need to never let such statements go unchallenged.

Tim said...

CBI, you are probably right, but it's certainly hard to imagine from this vantage point!

Anonymous said...

So you are narrowly defining the MEDIA? Fox doesn't count? Talk radio doesn't count? The Wall Street Journal editorial page doesn't count? Because all of those sources are STILL playing the blame-it-on Clinton game to some extent and ALREADY playing the blame-it-on-Obama to some extent.

Temlakos said...

They can't afford to get over Bush. Things are in a mess (a mess that Democrats made), and it's going to get messier. Worse yet, the media encouraged the Democrats to do the things that made the mess. So what else can they do?

shiningcity said...

Not all blame is bad. Clinton did make some huge mistakes (not getting Bin Laden when he had several chances, and lying under oath and suborning perjury, to name a few).

Some monumental errors like those of Clinton's are worth remembering so we don't make those mistakes again.

The problem with the media is that they hate Bush for emotional and ideological reasons. They will for many years keep trying to demonize him in the history books.

I'm calling on Republicans to stand up (for once) and begin correcting liberal lies (told ad nauseum until they become known as facts). I want Republican politicians to return to Reagan Conservatism. Please check out this petition: