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March 24, 2010

This is what fawning media coverage looks like

I still laugh when I hear Democrats complain that Fox News is the only biased news channel out there.  Thanks to NewsBusters, we have a sampling of how CBS and ABC waxed rhapsodic as they covered Obama’s signing of the health care “reform” law.

CBS Evening News’ Harry Smith, as a graphic of Obama’s signature was displayed:
This is what history looks like, as it came from the hand of President Obama today with 22 different pen strokes comprising his signature.
ABC World News’ Diane Sawyer lost no time insinuating that the Republicans are against Americans having health insurance:
Good evening. As of today, it is the law of the land that every man, woman and child in America will have health care coverage. And at the White House, the President signed the bill and marked this day in history, while Republican opponents marshaled forces, hoping to undo the law...
ABC also reported seriously on a bit of political theater at Ted Kennedy’s grave.  Said Sawyer:
You heard the President pay tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy, who devoted his career to health care reform. But there was another quiet tribute at the Senator's grave. A note left by his son, Congressman Patrick Kennedy. It said simply: 'Dad -- the unfinished business is done.'
Inexplicably, the graphic also showed that the gravestone was also covered with dead insects.  Not sure of the symbolism there.

So…. tell me again about Fox News?

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