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February 21, 2011

A question I wish Wisconsin students would ask their teachers

"Teacher, based on your actions of the past several days, can I conclude that you think it's okay to lie and steal if it's for a cause you feel strongly about?"

The Atlantic's Ford Vox (himself a brain injury physician) is horrified to learn that many doctors in Wisconsin have conspired with public school teachers to defraud taxpayers by writing fake sick excuses.  Read what he has to say in his February 21 post.  He links to several Youtube videos documenting this activity -- which ought to be sufficient to get the teachers fired and the doctors hauled before medical ethics boards.  Here's one of them:

By continuing to hide like cowards in another state, and by declaring their solidarity with the protesters, it can be argued Wisconsin Dem senators are tacitly endorsing these tactics.

UPDATE: Fox News, Feb. 21:
The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is investigating whether some of its doctors wrote fake sick notes to people protesting the governor's plan to strip public union employees of the right to collectively bargain.

Over the weekend, FOX News reported that doctors from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine were manning a doctor station to write medical notes excusing those protesting at the Wisconsin State Capitol from work. Physicians were seen standing on a street corner wearing lab coats and giving out medical notes.

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