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February 19, 2005

If only Terri Schiavo was an endangered species

Scott Ott makes the ugly-but-true point that in the eyes of the law, Terri Schiavo has less value than a silver rice rat.

[Pro-life activist Randall] Terry contacted the USFWS after learning that it is illegal to kill dozens of creatures in Florida, including the leatherback seaturtle, the marsh rabbit, the saltmarsh vole, the shortnose sturgeon, the Choctawhatchee beach mouse and the oval pigtoe (a mollusk).

"If we can get Terri classified as a different endangered species each month, we can give her several more years of life," Mr. Terry said. "I know it sounds dehumanizing, but under our laws a silver rice rat has more of a right to life than this woman."

It would be supremely sad if this was the only way to get the Left to rally to Terri's cause.

By the way, the MSM has chosen which side it is on by (for the most part) considering this to be a nonstory. Imagine the New York Times pursuing this story with the kind of fervor it had for the women-at-Augusta-National story.

There is plenty of news out there, but you have to know where to look. ProLifeBlogs.com, an aggregator for right-to-life blogs, is an excellent source of information on the Schiavo infamy.

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