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February 8, 2005

Who is fit to lead the Party of Hate?

Howard Dean, who told a Manhattan audience last month "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for", appears now to be a shoo-in for the DNC chairmanship. To their credit, the Democratic elite fought his ascension, preferring a more nuanced hatred of all things Republican, but none of their alternate candidates were able to gain any traction. From the GOP's perspective, Dean's coup is a gift. It's theoretically possible that Dean would lead the party in a more moderate direction, but nobody on either side is expecting that. Instead, it appears that either he will pull the Dems even more to the Left, or the party will splinter into warring factions.


Anonymous said...

I see nothing conservative about the current President. In fact he represents the worst of the Republican and Democratic Parties.

He has increased size and continues to do so in Federal Government. He has no clue with regards to fiscal policy. How can someone call this idiot a conservative? Bill Clinton was far more conservative in his policies when compared to W.

He manipulated the radical religous right to get re-elected, similar to how Public Enemy Number #1 Osama Bin Ladin utilized the Taliban to support his political agendas.

The closest party his policies could be associated with is that of the Nazi Party.

Ray said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for that screed straight from the MoveOn.org handbook.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about who might be a more reasonable choice for chairman of the D.Party. Howard Dean seems rather silly. I finally decided that old Bagdad Bob of Iraq might be a better choice. I understand he is available. ;)

Tim said...

You summed it up well, rjd. The first commenter appears to have access to the radical left's "Random Sentence Generator".

I am unable to confine my reply to two or three sentences, so I've bumped it up to a new post.