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June 29, 2005

It's hard to imagine a more ridiculous poll

I know there are many other stupid polls out there, but this one gets my vote for Stupid Poll of the Week (excerpt from June 27 article):
SUV Drivers Not Patriotic, Survey Finds

Ninety percent of people in the market say that people who buy SUVs should not be called patriotic.

Kelley Blue Book's third annual New-Vehicle Buyer Attitude Study found that over the last year the number who said SUV drivers are patriotic dropped 12 percentage points, the group said in a news release.
The misleading article title ought to qualify for some kind of prize as well.

One of the reasons given later in the article for the negative attitude is that SUV use exacerbates our "dependence on foreign oil".

Hey, Blue Book—our "dependence on foreign oil" is wholly due to environmental regulation that locks away most of our domestic oil supply (or regulates access to it to the point where it's not cost effective to go get it).

Here's an idea for your next survey: Are environmental activists unpatriotic for forcing us to turn to foreign suppliers for our oil? How about environmental activists who drive SUVs?

Or how about this: Are polling organizations which consciously use their surveys to negatively affect public opinion about a large segment of the American population unpatriotic?

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