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June 24, 2005

Time to condemn, seize blighted Supreme Court

Scott Ott is in his usual fine form in reaction to yesterday's Supreme Court atrocity (original has additional links):
(2005-06-24) -- A day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local governments may seize private property to promote economic development, President George Bush said he may soon move to seize the high court under "the executive branch's power of eminent domain."

The 5-4 court decision broadens the reasons for which properties can be taken under the Fifth Amendment beyond the traditional 'public use' (such as schools and highways) to include 'public purposes' such as...
  • increasing tax income to a municipality,

  • returning a favor to a wealthy developer who supported your city council campaign,

  • improving the view of the waterfront from the Mayor's house, or

  • getting rid of grumpy old people who have lived in their homes long enough.

"In the spirit of the new government takeover of American homes and businesses," said President George Bush, "We may have to seize the moment to condemn some aging, faded and blighted elements of the Supreme Court. Then we can replace them with something that will serve public purposes."
Of course, the executive branch has no power to remove justices from the court... but Congress does. Anyone? Anyone?

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