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December 3, 2009

And the prize for “Most Pathetic Headline of the Week by a Major US Paper” goes to….

…the Los Angeles Times.  Here’s how they titled their story about yesterday’s vote by Honduras’ Congress regarding Manuel Zelaya:

Honduran Congress upholds coup

The LAT seems determined to set in stone the fiction that Zelaya was removed in a coup d'état, rather than in a legal, constitutional action.  If you didn’t catch the “coup” in the title, don’t worry – they use the word four more times in the accompanying article.

The vote was overwhelmingly against Zelaya’s reinstatement (111-14), but the LAT dismisses it by suggesting that this was a vote by the Honduran elite to rid itself of a meddlesome man of the people.

The MSM’s reporting on Honduras’ political situation should be a badge of shame, but you’ll never read that in their newspapers.


psychobob said...

For so many decades the U.S. fought the spread of Socialism in Central America. Now our government and media are helping them along as much as they can.
The way the media is describing what is going on in Honduras is despicable, but sadly predictable. They don't care about our own Constitution, so why would they care about Honduras'? The storyline is too good for them to pass up: A left-wing activist is deposed and forced into exile, even though all he wants is to help his people (even though "helping" them involves violating the basic laws of the country).

Great blog!

Tim said...

Thanks for the comment and the compliment! You're the kindest person I ever met who had "psycho" as part of his name. :-)