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July 8, 2011

NAACP blasts lack of diversity in NBA and NFL

Just kidding!  They would never complain about the overwhelming dominance of African Americans in professional basketball and football!

This week their target is the television newsroom, as reported July 7 by the Wall Street Journal:
In a press release issued this morning, the NAACP condemned 24-hour cable news channel CNN for its recently announced prime time news lineup, calling the lack of diversity in its collection of news anchors a “glaring omission.”
Of course, they don’t do the heavy lifting of proving that qualified minorities are trying to get jobs or promotions and are being denied.  As usual, they simply infer discrimination without having to be in the same ZIP code as the facts.

As our president is fond of saying, let me be clear: The NAACP's goal is not diversity.  Its goal is to increase representation of African Americans wherever it sees said representation to be deficient.  This is not necessarily wrong in itself.  What's wrong is the fact that they're hiding under the cloak of Diversity.  If diversity was truly the the NAACP's goal, it would at the very least express discomfort at the overrepresentation of African Americans in basketball and football.  Raise your hand if you think that will ever happen.

(Don’t miss the part of the article where the NAACP press release essentially says, “everyone knows Fox News is racist, but we expected better from CNN”. Again, reinforcing the liberal meme without being required to prove anything.)

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