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May 31, 2011

About this bus tour thing: Is Sarah running or not?

The Daily Beast’s Shushannah Walshe reports May 30 on how we can know whether or not an announcement is forthcoming:

Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” Bus Tour launched Sunday, but is it an unofficial exploratory phase for a potential 2012 run or is it a Palin family vacation stopping in historic sites in the Northeast? The answer may well be both.

According to a source with knowledge of Palin’s operation and thinking, keep a careful eye on how long the tour lasts, because it is intended as a way to test the presidential waters. If the road trip ends abruptly, it’s a sign she didn’t get the enthusiastic responses she believes she needs to launch a campaign. If the tour heads to regions outside of the Northeast like Iowa and South Carolina that, the source says, is a “big indicator” that Palin will pull the trigger.

Palin is breaking all of the rules regarding how to launch a campaign.  The fact is, though, that she’s introducing herself to America on her own terms, not on the media’s.  The political world hasn’t seen anyone like her in a long time, and nobody in the media/political elite knows what to do with her (besides inadvertently give her all of the free publicity she wants).

Many of us non-elite folks are enjoying the spectacle immensely.


Personal Home Inspector said...

The Palin plan is clear. She knows that if she announces now, she would follow Newt down the drain. But after this tour, she can claim that she was just a tourist on vacation, following her own schedule. But during that vacation "the people mobbed her and convinced her that she had to run." When the campaign is started from a "ground swell" then she can wave the flag and present herself as the people's choice. Too bad, the people know that she is the choice of a few ideologues and will not fall for the plan.

Tim said...

Too bad, the people know that she is the choice of a few ideologues and will not fall for the plan.

So, why would the media lavish obsessive attention on someone who is merely "the choice of a few ideologues"?

Save My Marriage said...

Well hopefully Palin gets in & the 1st thing she does to stop Unemployment is to cutties with Israel & to stop giving them aid that will save your country money.

Tim said...

Seriously? Cutting ties with Israel is the first (and apparently only) thing you thought of? And this would somehow contribute toward stopping unemployment in the US?

Why do I get the feeling that you would have proposed cutting ties with Israel as the solution to ANY problem the US is facing?

By the way, this is an interesting spam technique I'm seeing in these comments -- post something controversial or inane to draw attention to the poster... and the poster's name just happens to be linked to a commercial website. Slick.

Moderation Nation said...

I think the Saracuda should continue doing exactly what she is--a reality tv star. This country needs someone who actually knows about foreign countries and leaders without having to study up before a debate. I am definitely not a fan of our current president and we don't need another president who needs on the job training.

scott huminski said...

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Anonymous said...
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