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May 12, 2004

Buckley on Rumsfeld's culpability

William F. Buckley imposes some sensible perspective on the Abu Ghraib scandal. Some are absurdly comparing this to My Lai in Vietnam. Even if the comparison were valid, note that the political furor then focused where it belonged: on the leader of the company that committed the atrocity and on the officers who covered up the incident. Abu Ghraib is far from being what is commonly considered an atrocity, but nevertheless justice must be served. Focus on those who are actually connected to the incident.

Buckley closes in this way regarding the opposing forces -- political v. common sense -- driving the debate over whether or not Rumsfeld should keep his job:
President Bush is understandably determined not to let Abu Ghraib dictate the course of our entire Mideast enterprise. But he may not succeed, and Donald Rumsfeld may be giving thought to whether his continued service is a strategic mistake.

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