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May 17, 2004

Geneva Conventional wisdom

The public is woefully ignorant of the details of the Geneva Conventions, and so the Democrats and others on the Left have been making a lot of political hay out of allegations that our military has engaged -- with the full knowledge and approval of Donald Rumsfeld himself -- in wholesale violations of said Conventions in Iraq.  As they have been with most of their accusations regarding the Bush administration's Iraq policy, the Dems are lying through their teeth (or else they are dangerously naive -- you pick).
Check out the editorial in today's Wall Street Journal to learn more truth about the Geneva Conventions than you'll ever hear from the mouths of the Democrats or from the vast majority of the major media.  Apart from the outrages of the few at Abu Ghraib, the conduct of our military has been within the boundaries of the Conventions.
By demagoging the issue, the Dems have bullied the Pentagon into banning virtually all interrogation techniques (beyond politely asking them to reveal the locations of the other bad guys and their weapons), even those techniques permitted under the Conventions.  They seem to take pleasure in hamstringing our intelligence gathering.  These are the same people who faulted the Bush administration for not foreseeing the 9/11 attacks.  I'd be willing to bet money that they'll be the first to accuse Bush when our reduced ability to gather information in Iraq gives al-Qaeda the free hand it needs to commit its next act of infamy.

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