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May 11, 2004

Why Rumsfeld should stay (for now)

Democrats continue to feign outrage that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld refuses to fall on his sword over the Abu Ghraib abuses. Like any true leader would, he is systematically determining what happened, who did it, and what to do about it (a process which was well underway when the story hit the media). To his credit, President Bush appears to understand that the CEO shouldn't get canned when subordinates misbehave unless it can be shown that the CEO's policies led directly or indirectly to said misbehavior.

Nothing of the sort has yet been demonstrated, and this is one of the best indicators that the Democrats couldn't care less about Rumsfeld. Their real target, of course, is the president.

If these folks truly believed that Rumsfeld ought to be held morally responsible for the outrageous events at Abu Ghraib, they also would have fallen all over themselves a decade ago calling for the head of Janet Reno over the outrageous events at Waco.

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