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May 31, 2005

Consumer spending up in May; C-Pol blogmeister takes credit

May 31, Associated Press (excerpt):
The consumer confidence index is now at the highest level since it reached 103 in March.

"Consumer confidence improved in May, gaining back nearly all of the ground it lost in April," said Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board's Consumer Research Center, in a statement.
Not to brag or anything, but my family may be responsible for this. We bought a minivan a couple of weeks ago, and we bought snacks when we went to see Star Wars.


Ray said...

You can afford snacks at the movies? Better watch out, or Al Gore will tag you as filthy rich!

Tim said...

Not exactly. We had to dip into our son's college fund.

Bob said...

I AM impressed! Do they give loans for snacks at the theater, or did you have to pay cash?