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May 24, 2005

WaPo tries hard to say something good about the centrist extremists

Two quotes from the same Washington Post editorial praising the deal by fourteen senators postponing the showdown over judicial nominee filibusters:
(1) "The 14 senators nonetheless managed to put principle above self-protection."

(2) "The deal is admittedly messy. Some nominees get votes, some still don't; the principle isn't terribly clear."

The senators put principle over self-protection, but not even the venerable WaPo can figure out what the principle happens to be.

The whole editorial makes for an amusing read. After acknowledging the significant flaws of the deal, all they can say is that it's "far better than the alternative" (which, for the record, refers to the way the Senate conducted the business of confirming judicial nominees for over two centuries).

(Credit: Best of the Web)

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