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September 7, 2005

Dissecting moonbats

James Lileks does a wonderful job of mocking the "incandescent lunacy" of the left, which is trying everything in its bag of tricks to pin all Sadness and Woe on the president.

He ends with two lessons we can take away from Katrina and its aftermath:
You're on your own. At least keep an emergency kit on hand, the sort of thing Tom Ridge proposed, and which made the smart set hardy-har-har because it contained duct tape.

Don't rely on the government. Four years after Sept. 11, it's apparent that some local governments are not well-oiled machines when it comes to disasters -- more like a box of sand and busted gears. Blame for that can be promiscuously distributed.

Lesson two: The next terrorist attack will not unite us for a warm, hug-filled fortnight. The hard left won't wait 24 hours before blaming Bush, and the country will enjoy the sight of prominent pundits angrier at the president than at the men who nuked Des Moines.

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