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September 15, 2005

I never thought I'd see the day...

...when I'd be so happy to see gasoline at $2.71 per gallon. I have no idea whether or not Steve Forbes is right when he insists that a significant portion of the current price of oil is the result of investor speculation, but I do know that I like the direction the price is moving right now.


Ray said...

$2.71 a gallon?? LUXURY!

Still north of $3 here in the Old Dominion.

Course, in Texas you just fire a bullet into the ground and the stuff just bubbles up, right? Either that or you have one of those praying mantis-looking pumps in your back yard.

Anonymous said...

You must be in NORVA / DC Metro. Here in Norfolk the high in my neighborhood is $3.099 and several places have it at $2.859.


Parklife said...

Sorry to be completely off topic. But, I was wondering if somebody could answer my question.

As a constitutioinalist, do you belive in Judicial Review?

Tim said...

Parklife, see my reply here.

The Uncooperative Blogger said...

Happy?? We better wake up, and build some dang refineries and infrastructure so that Natural, or not so natural, disaters happen they cannot interupt our economy. Oh, this includes our electrical grid; if you care.

BTW I want to thank spammers for making me add those extra "captha" nonsense so I can comment!

oh, then thank blogger for no spam program. arg.

Tim said...

You're right, of course, UB, regarding the need for refineries and other infrastructure.

That takes nothing away from my pleasure at seeing prices go down. :-)

Parklife said...

Thanks for the info.