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January 24, 2009

Conservatives can make their case without resorting to propaganda, can't they?

Newsmax (January 22) brings us an interesting factoid about the Obama inauguration:

Obama Inaugural Ratings Fall Short of Reagan’s

Although the number of viewers watching the presidential inauguration coverage of Barack Obama was impressive, they fall short of those who saw Ronald Reagan take the oath of office for his first term in 1981.

According to Nielsen Media Research, 37.8 million television viewers tuned in Tuesday to watch the swearing-in ceremony, which was the largest inaugural audience in 28 years. Reagan's first inauguration in 1981 drew a whopping 41.8 million.

Yaaaay! Reagan beats Obama! Take that, liberals!

Four paragraphs later we get this oh-by-the-way:
The ratings do not, however, include the huge online viewing audience, with CNN.com, FoxNews.com and MSNBC.com all reporting record-breaking streaming video traffic. Google reports that searches were down during the event.
The online audience was enormous (I was one of the countless folks trying to access CNN's live stream), making the article's focus on the Nielsen ratings meaningless.

If this article had focused on the declining influence of television as a news source, that would be fine. Instead, Newsmax engages in propaganda by exaggerating the importance a small part of the information with the intent of leading the reader to a false conclusion.

Yeah, yeah, the liberal media do that all the time.... so does that mean we must measure ourselves by their standard?

Conservatives have plenty of pure, unvarnished truth to wield against the leftwing government that just took power.

We can make our case without resorting to propaganda techniques, can't we? If we can't, aren't we just admitting the weakness of our case?

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