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March 12, 2009

Rendell: Do your patriotic duty by going on food stamps

Here's one for the Newspeak dictionary. Food stamps aren't welfare, they're economic stimulus. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 12:
To those hurt by the recession but too proud to seek government help, Gov. Ed Rendell says: If not for yourself, do it for your country.
He urged people to view food stamps not as welfare, but as economic stimulus.
"Think of it this way: If you avail yourself of these sources of government relief, you'll have money to spend in the economy, and that's exactly what we need to reboot the economy," Rendell said Wednesday at Brashear High School in Beechview.

1 comment:

AmericanC2009 said...

Wow!! Wait a minute....should I be surprised? Probably not. It getting to the point where everything that comes out of a Liberals mouth sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown.