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June 2, 2009

You think that Tiller's murder is an indictment against all pro-life people? Fine.

We'll take moral responsibility for Scott Roeder's actions if the American Left will agree to take moral responsibility for the actions of Ted Kaczynski and Bill Ayers. Oh, and you "pro-choice" people need to own up to the eugenics views of Margaret Sanger.



GrannyGrump said...

How about let's be more to the point --

If one lone gunman is enough to tar 160 million abortion opponents as murderers, then how many instances of quackery should be enough to tar a few hundred abortionists as quacks?

Tim said...

Good point, although they'd probably counter that the incidence of quackery in the abortion industry is comparable to the incidence of quackery in the medical profession in general (I don't have any actual numbers, I'm just guessing). After all, lots of people die each year as the result of preventable errors when receiving non-abortion medical treatments.

Then again, you might be thinking of a different definition of quackery.