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March 17, 2005

Senate Democrats embrace the fundamentalist Left

Byron York reports on a rally held recently in Washington by our friends at (WeWon'tEver)MoveOn.org. The rally, organized at the suggestion of Sen. Robert Byrd's office, was more like a parody of a religious tent meeting complete with (and we're not kidding here) Sen. Byrd shouting Praise God! and Hallelujah! Other Senate Dems joined in the revival as well (Boxer, Durbin, Kennedy, Clinton).

What has them so stirred up that they're having apocalyptic visions? Nothing less than the GOP's insistence that Senate Dems respect the Constitution and over 200 years of tradition regarding the confirmation of judicial nominees.

After the Dems' resounding loss last November, countless words were expended speculating what adjustments the party would/should make in order to be more palatable to more of the electorate. It seems clear that—at least in the Senate, and possibly in the party as a whole (given the presence of likely 2008 candidate HRC)—the Dems have concluded that they must move even further to the left.

If only we could get the MSM to report this stuff, the GOP's majority would be assured for years to come.


Temlakos said...

How in the name of Daniel Webster can Hillary Clinton possibly finesse her appearance at such a ridiculous spectacle, when she is trying to make people believe that she is to the right of Bush on certain issues--immigration, for one? Her behavior makes less sense with her every public appearance. Of Kennedy and the others you mentioned, I expect no better--and no smarter, either. But Hillary? What a dumb move!

Tim said...

The answer to your question might be found in the final paragraph of my post -- namely, that the dearth of MSM coverage of such events allows HRC to remove her moderate mask.

She knows that her political aspirations are doomed without the support of the fundamentalist Left.

Whither The Fool? said...

Boxer is an idiot.

Tim said...

Whither -

Unless you were simply intending to insult her, I must take exception with your description of Boxer. She is certainly a hypocrite and a fool, as are the others you quoted in your blog. But she is no idiot.

Hmmm, idea time. Since Boxer is emerging as the true Dem leader in the Senate (despite the fact that Reid holds the actual title), maybe it's time to start another Google Bomb project.

Perhaps we can start associating the word "hypocrite" with Boxer....