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March 17, 2005

Taxpayers' friends and foes on Capitol Hill

The National Taxpayer Union has issued its 2004 ratings of House and Senate members. Each member is rated 0% (worst)–100% (best), measuring the degree to which he or she supports the reduction of spending and regulation and opposes higher taxes. Instead of cherry-picking a dozen or so issues, NTU examines every bill that "significantly affects taxes, spending, debt and regulatory burdens on consumers and taxpayers" during the year in question. The percentage rating is then assigned a letter grade, with "A" being taxpayer-friendly and "F" being taxpayer-hostile.

My senators each earned a respectable B+. Due to redistricting, however, this year we exchanged a congressman with a B/69% for a congressman with an F/16%. Our metro area is now represented by a Democrat for the first time in almost a quarter century. Sigh.

1 comment:

Ray said...

Sigh indeed. I remember when I lived in B/CS and Joe Barton was my congressman. How did the district with the most conservative university in the country wind up being represented by a Democrat?