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March 25, 2005

Terri's passion

From Faithmouse. Click the image for a larger version.


Anonymous said...

what are you trying to prove by this?

Tim said...

"Prove?" Not the word I would use.

Given the juxtaposition of Terri's starvation/dehydration with Easter week, the cartoonist is drawing a comparison between the unjust suffering of Terri with the unjust suffering of Jesus.

t0m said...

That's great. I suggest you follow up with, "The passion of DeLay's father" or "The passion of all the children killed under Bush's Futile Care Law," "The passion of children with the same condition Bill Frist advocateted euthenizing," and finally, "The passion of Iraqis tortured by our military and then released without charges."

Bush is pro-life like Saddam is pro-democracy.

To wander a bit, do you find it odd that Bush is (rather, was -- elections are over) pushing a constitutional amendment on gay marriage, but not one on abortion? Here's a scary thought: As long as abortion is legal, he has the pro-life vote. If abortion were actually outlawed (and it would take an amendment at this point), then he would lose that whole one-issue voting block.

Bush doesn't want to lose your vote. To Bush, holding on to power is more important than innocent life, fiscal responsibility, and honesty.

Tim said...

t0m -

Let me try to get this straight, in an attempt to make your post relevant to this thread. You believe that other people suffer unjustly, and therefore Terri's unjust suffering is no big deal. Am I on the right track?

Or were you just taking a convenient opportunity to gripe about those Demon Republicans?