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April 19, 2005

John Bolton: The monster under every liberal's bed

Scott Ott marvelously illustrates the absurd lengths to which the Dems are trying to portray UN Ambassador-designate John Bolton as Hitler's drinking buddy:
Biden Claims Bolton Staring at Him During Hearing

Sen. Joseph Biden, D-DE, today asked the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to prevent President Bush's nominee for U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, from staring at him during confirmation hearings.

"Mr. Chairman, he's looking at me again," said Sen. Biden. "Make him stop looking at me."

Indeed, a review of the video indicates that Mr. Bolton had directed a scowling gaze at several Senators during the hearings.

An aide to Sen. Biden said Mr. Bolton is trying to intimidate the Delaware Democrat into approving his nomination and has privately "threatened to have Biden unelected."

"The Senator feels bullied," said the unnamed aide. "Imagine how terrified Kofi Annan would be if we sent Bolton to the U.N."
Ott also reports that Bolton was forced to deny strongly allegations that he secretly engineered the British invasion of American pop music in the 60s, and that by so doing he "threatened American sovereignty and destroyed our native doo-wop tradition."

Ott's satires are only a little less grounded in reality than the claims the Dems are actually making.

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