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April 20, 2005

Will McCain get yet another pass for his filibuster vote?

James Lileks says No Way. He's confident (or maybe just hopeful) that the McCain Mutiny* on judicial filibusters will be the tipping point that will finally prompt Republicans to stop putting up with his "maverick" ways.

The only reason he's made it this far is that every time someone tries to criticize him, he runs the P.O.W. flag up the pole and proclaims, "How dare you speak against me!" Is it any wonder that he's the darling of the media? No Democrat can leave Republicans spluttering as well as allegedly Republican John McCain can.

The GOP was really good about arguing last year that the fact of one's service in Viet Nam 40 years ago has little bearing on one's competence or character today. I wish that some influential Republican would offhandedly drop that tidbit on TV the next time McCain's judicial filibuster revolt is brought up.

* Wish I had thought this one up, but I didn't.

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