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April 18, 2005

Wacky Dems accuse Bush of ignoring gas prices

UPI, April 18:
Democrats criticized President George W. Bush Monday for failing to bring down skyrocketing gasoline prices.

The Democratic National Committee issued a news release accusing Bush of ignoring the "crisis" and, instead concentrating on his plan to privatize part of Social Security.

The DNC statement said, "Over the weekend we heard more hollow rhetoric form the president as he tried to deflect form [sic] the crisis at the gas pumps by trying to push an energy plan that will do nothing to solve either the short or long term problem of high gas prices, skyrocketing energy costs or dependence on foreign oil," it said.

The American Petroleum Institute has said finite stocks, a lack of refining capacity in the United States, increased demand in countries such as China, as well as the United States, have combined to send gasoline prices to a national average well above the $2 mark.
Of course, one would expect Bush's buddies at the American Petroleum Institute to maliciously wield facts in the president's defense.

Add to the API's list the additional fact that prices would go down if the Dems would stop using environmental regulations to prevent exploration. The Dems claim to be concerned about our dependence on foreign oil. Will they now drop their opposition to increased domestic production? Not in our lifetime, apparently.

The news item ends thus:
The DNC offered no proposals for bringing down gas prices.
This may be true of the DNC itself, but it isn't true of the party's looney left wing, which is doing its dead-level best to legislate many kinds of vehicles off our streets altogether (thus reducing demand for gasoline!).


Ray said...

That's funny, I thought we invaded Iraq so we could take their oil. If that's the case, where's my cheap gas?

Tim said...

Oh, wait — you didn't think Bush, Halliburton & co. were going to make that available to the public, did you? Driving down prices will eat into their ill-gotten profits.

Here's the deal: They'll be keeping the oil in secret underground storage areas until the rest of the Middle East runs dry, and then they'll (forgive the pun) have us over a barrel.