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January 3, 2005

Dreaming of the demise of the academic Left

Mike Adams "dreams" about when the Left started* to lose its stranglehold on academia -- 2007, when state after state began to abolish tenure:
The most profound effects of the abolition of tenure occurred indirectly. There were not many professors fired in the wake of that historical national movement. Scores of professors predictably quit, or retired early, in protest. Others simply became more productive overnight. But, more than anything, the number of people seeking jobs in public higher education declined. And that ended up becoming the principal benefit of the abolition of tenure.
Read the whole essay to see how Dr. Adams envisions the effects of tenure abolition on the various university departments.

Could it be this simple? What are the chances that anything like this would ever happen?

* Sorry about the use of future-past tense here -- after all, Dr. Adams is looking back on something that hasn't happened yet!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What's even more mind-boggling -- that elementary school and junior high/high school teachers need to have "tenure" to provide them with academic freedom.

Can anyone tell me what academic freedom a 5th grade teacher needs?