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January 28, 2005

So close....

I normally don't like to recommend The Onion, a news satire site, due to their overreliance on vulgarity as a basis for their humor, but their piece on the Inauguration Day protests is worth a look.
The counter-inauguration protests held in Washington Wednesday were one person short of success, analysts reported Thursday.

"It's a pity that so many people who support our cause didn't make it out," said Jet Heiko, who organized the protest through his website TurnYourBackOnBush.org. "If one more person had come through for us, Bush would have had a moment of clarity and changed his entire approach to governing America."

"I guess that one person who didn't show had other plans," Heiko said.

Protesters who lined the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route and turned their backs on the president's motorcade had the stated goal of "forcing President Bush to respond to widespread criticism of his administration." To the disappointment of Heiko and his fellow protesters, Bush was able to continue to ignore widespread criticism, because of the one person who didn't show up.

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