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November 10, 2005

Fox flips; Morris misfires

Fox News Channel, which can't seem to get over its fascination with tabloid journalism, is about to take another step toward the precipice.

Chairman Roger Ailes, apparently on the strength of a speech by respected climate scientist Al Gore and the encouragement of respected climate scientists Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Laurie David, is allowing the channel to broadcast an outrageously one-sided documentary on global warming.

Mr. Ailes, I'm not sure what you're thinking here. Not only is this not going to win you any real friends on the left, you'll be doing a shameful disservice to the public.

Meanwhile, respected climate scientist Dick Morris, who believes that climate change made Hurricane Katrina worse, is advising President Bush and the GOP to seize the initiative in championing the theory of human-induced global warming, even though there is virtually no evidence supporting the theory (just like genuine scientists say there is no evidence that Katrina was influenced by climate change).

Sounds like a winner, Mr. Morris.

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