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November 14, 2005

Sign of the times

We live in a time when more and more parents decline to control their kids' behavior in public. One Chicago-area restaurant, concerned that misbehaving kids were negatively affecting the experience of the other customers, decided to post what it thought was a friendly reminder to the kids (and their parents) to please be considerate:

So, did the parents appreciate the reminder? Of course not! The problem isn't that the kids are out of control, the problem is that the restaurant owner hates kids!

Here's an excerpt from a TV station's coverage of this horrible scandal. The wording suggests that the reporter/writer is taking the side of the outraged moms:
But some parents who spoke with NBC5's Natalie Martinez took immediate offense to the sign. The angry mothers said there are plenty of places in the Andersonville neighborhood where they can take their kids, even if they're acting out.

"I've e-mailed friends and said, 'Just so you know, this man has a sign up. I know there are lots of other options, and I'd encourage you not to go there,'" parent Kate Bremmer said.

When she spoke with Martinez, Bremmer and her kids were picking out goodies at a Swedish bakery, where all kids are welcome [a little editorializing from the reporter?].

"Our custom has been to offer a cookie to every child that comes into the store for as long as I can remember," said Kathy Stanton-Cromwell, the co-owner of the bakery, which is just a few doors down from A Taste of Heaven.

Stanton-Cromwell said the cookie serves as "a good calmer" for kids who are acting up.

Bremmer said A Taste of Heaven "is not a five-star restaurant," so she thinks it should cater to kids, not the other way around.
That's right. The obvious solution is to take the kids down the street where they can "act out" without consequence.


Ray said...

I don't have a problem with any restaurateur adopting such a policy. It's his place of business, and his livelihood, after all. At least he posts a sign making this policy known so that families can choose another eatery if they wish, which apparently some have done.

Fortunately, Ally is so well-behaved, we'd have no problem complying...most of the time! :-)

Tim said...

At least he posts a sign making this policy known so that families can choose another eatery if they wish, which apparently some have done.

You make it sound so dull and uninteresting, hardly even worth a mention on the six o'clock news.

And you're right, as far as restaurant's policy itself is concerned. I'm far more interested in the parents' snarky reaction as a cultural indicator.

Ray said...

Well, of course, the parents are entitlement junkies whose little darlings should be allowed to act up wherever they please without consequence. It's their right to enjoy their shrimp scampi while junior is running around pulling tablecloths.

Tim said...

Not only that... according to Mrs. Bremmer, if the restaurant is not a five-star restaurant, it is obligated to accommodate her bratty kids.