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November 5, 2005

Michael Schiavo takes an ego trip

Michael Schiavo, infamous for overcoming all obstacles in his quest to have his wife Terri killed by dehydration, apparently thinks that he has gained sufficient political capital from the experience to endorse one of the candidates in the Virginia governor race. The Democrat, of course. But I can't imagine Tim Kaine reveling in the endorsement.

Oh, wait. Kaine is reveling in the endorsement:
Who can forget the Terry Schiavo case that embroiled the nation back in the spring of this year? And who can forget — or forgive — the outrageous intervention by the Republican Congress, the Bush White House, and of course Florida Governor Bush in the most personal of family matters? Finally, who can forget how upset and angry this made the American people, 82% of whom felt that Congress and President should stay out of it.

Well, Terry Schiavo’s husband, Michael Schiavo, has NOT forgotten. And now he is speaking out, with the specific objective of preventing the Bush clone, Jerry Kilgore, from being elected governor of Virginia and acting the SAME WAY as the Bush brothers did towards him. Just a few minutes ago, Schiavo — a lifelong Republican and a Roman Catholic, by the way — released a powerful statement on the Virginia governor’s race, endorsing Tim Kaine and blasting Jerry Kilgore.
I love the part about Schiavo being a lifelong Republican and a Roman Catholic. Tell me, Michael, if you can, which core principles of the GOP and which core doctrines of the RCC you embrace. Some people are "Republican" or "Roman Catholic" (or whatever variety of Christian you can think of) because that's how they were brought up, not because they actually believe that stuff.

(Credit: North Country Gazette)

UPDATE: Howdy to whoever visited from Kaine2005.com ten minutes after I posted this!


Ray said...

I know it's a slow year for governor's races, so I guess Schiavo has to find someplace to stick his nose. I wonder if he went to New Jersey as well.

By the way, Kaine's official website is Kaine2005.org

Tim said...

Perhaps the official website is kaine2005.org, but the visitor came from mail.kaine2005.com. Looks like they grabbed www.kaine2005.everything just to be sure nobody set up a spoof site.