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August 24, 2005

Abortion rate exceeds birth rate in Russia

Russia is dying.

Bloomberg reports that reported abortions outnumbered live births by more than 100,000 last year in that country—there were likely many more unreported abortions. Add to this the facts that the death rate (out-of-womb death rate, that is) exceeds the birth rate by 50%, and that there is no immigrant inflow worth speaking of, and we have a significant geopolitical disaster in the making.

A vanishing Russia has nothing to fear from its European neighbors (who are dealing with their own population crisis), but it has plenty to fear from its neighbors to the south: the Muslims in Central Asia and the mineral-hungry Chinese in East Asia, neither of which would hesitate to move northward at the opportune time.

Interestingly, Russian scientists blame the abortion rate on poverty—which makes sense until one realizes that most poverty-stricken countries have out of control birth rates. Europeans have apparently decided that children are a hindrance to their pursuit of happiness, and it looks like many Russians have concluded the same.

(Credit: Adam's Blog)


zelda said...

Thanks for the link. I subscribe to your blog via Newsgator. Great job.

Bohemian Like You said...

Noticeably absent from the European Reuters or MosNews stories is the word “adoption” despite 7% of Russian couples who are unable to have children.

Also, it makes clear that convenience is the sole rationale for the abortions - not incest, rape, or health concerns as the American media will have you believe.

I have a piece on this on my site too. Glad to see someone else is paying attention to this. I doubt mainstream media will...