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August 6, 2005

The left embraces McCarthyism in its attacks on Judge Roberts

As David Horowitz notes, the White House embarassed itself in the way it reacted to these attacks, and conservatives in general were not willing to cry foul:
The White House has already caved to this malicious McCarthyite attack on the Federalist Society by attempting to distance its nominee Judge Roberts from membership. Are you now or have you ever been.. Once you have reached the stage of attempting to avoid the guilt by association that the left's lynch mob is attempting to establish, you are half-way to the stake. Already the White House and its candidate have taken a beating as reward for their appeasement of hatemongers. Judge Roberts has put himself in the position of denying that he is a member of the Federalist Society. It turns out he was on one of its steering committees at one time.

The Federalist Society is no more conservative than the American Bar Association is left. Or to put it accurately, the Federalist Society is somewhat less conservative than the American Bar Association is left. And it is far less activist. The Federalist Society is principally an intellectual forum where conservatives can discuss with liberals issues that they couldn't discuss in law school venues because the totalitarian intolerance of leftwing law professors who control these schools effectively silenced them by excluding them from its platforms. The fact that the Federalist Society is an issue at all is a testament to how the witch-hunt is the essence of leftwing politics, and how successful that politics is. Imagine if conservatives had made Ruth Bader-Ginsburg's leadership role in the ACLU an issue, or her member of the American Bar Association. Or if they had pointed out that WeatherUnderground terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, for example, sits on august committees and advisory boards of both organizations.

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