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August 19, 2005

Another grilled-cheese sandwich discovery

Excerpt from top-notch satire at Sharp as a Marble:
Crawford Tx. – Thousands of people gathered today to try to catch a glimpse of a grilled cheese sandwich that supposedly sported the likeness of Mother Sheehan, the Patron Saint of Left Causes. Mrs. Sheehan is grieving her lost son Casey, who was killed in combat after apparently being forced to volunteer for military duty, and currently camping near President Bush’s vacation ranch to protest the war. Mrs. Sheehan was recently bestowed the highest honor the Left can give: Victim.

“There’ve been rumors of Mother Sheehan’s apparition showing up on the sides of insurance buildings and even around leaky cracks beneath over passes, “ said one Chairman of the Democratic National Committee who requested his name be withheld. “But this is the real deal. Mother Sheehan has spoken to us through Parkay, whole wheat and two slices of Kraft Singles. I swear I could almost feel her pain when some of the cheese dripped onto my finger.” The chairman refused to comment on speculations that the resulting burn resembled Howard Cosell.
(Note: Yes, I'm aware that Mrs Sheehan has left Crawford to visit her ailing mother. No, I don't think this fact makes it inappropriate to criticize her views.)


Sharp as a Marble said...

Tim, while I appreciate the link, you need to store a copy of the image on your own server. What you are doing is called 'hotlinking' and for every hit your site takes, my servers have to deliver the image which uses up MY bandwidth.

In an attempt to stop hotlinking, this image changes location on ocassion and I'm apt to replace what other's link to with something less than suitable for children.

Thanks for understanding and respecting my bandwidth!

Tim said...

FIXED! Thanks for the reminder.