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August 25, 2005

Selfish Americans, Europeans, Russians and Japanese threaten Third World by failing to reproduce

An August 23 AP article sounds the familiar theme that global population growth is being led by developing countries. But then the article takes an interesting twist:
The rapid growth in developing countries, combined with declining birth rates in some industrialized nations could affect the ability of the wealthy to aid the poor, said a demographer who prepared the group's report.
The global wealth transfer from the pockets of the taxpayers of the developed world to the pockets of the leaders of the developing world is gravely threatened by this trend.

If things continue in this way, the developing countries may be forced to raise themselves by their own bootstraps, rather than ours.

(P.S. Before anyone accuses me of being a cruel, heartless monster who hates the poor, please note that my main point can be found in the third paragraph.)

1 comment:

Ray said...

On the one hand, selfish people are probably better off not reproducing, as they usually make lousy parents. On the other hand, selfish people who do reproduce tend to have equally selfish offspring.